Friday, December 31, 2010

Update 12/31

After a CT scan this morning revealed fluid around Jessica's lungs, a tube was inserted in her side to extract the fluid. A lot of fluid has already been removed which should help her lungs immediately. Also, the tumor and nodules on her lungs showed no new growth. The plan now is for Jessica to have her 2nd round of chemo on Monday. The effects of chemo have set in, but after a rough night, she is doing much better today. She remains in the PICU. Her lungs are still in need of support. Her fever returned in the night and they are still trying to determine the cause.

Chandra and Cody have spent a lot of time today with all of their kids at the hospital. The kids can't see Jessica because she is in the PICU, but they have spent time enjoying the fun kids play room at Primary Children's. Chandra was doing Annalise and Alyson's hair when she said how she had missed doing their hair. Alyson responded, "I've missed your hands in my hair."

While all of Jessica's nurses have been great, the nurse she has had today really has known how to get her to respond, interact and even giggle a little. Her nurse, Blake, juggled her stuffed animals which Jessica loved. We are hopeful that with the removal of the excess fluid, Jessica has turned a corner.

Sara (Chandra's sister)


  1. Sara, thank you so much for the updates on sweet Jessica. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Please send my love to Cody and Chandra! And if there is anything I can do to help in anyway PLEASE don't hesitate to call. We aren't that far away! Love you all! Amberly

  2. Sweet little Jessica- we are so sad that you are sick but we hope you get better soon so that you can eat a cheese quesadilla with ranch :) We miss having you as our neighbor and hope to see you soon!
    Love, Merlin, Melanie Shaw
    Braden, Ethan and Dylan

  3. Sara,
    Your entries mean so much to everyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to write them. They always make me cry, but I love to read them. You are all so strong and such great examples to all of us!
    Thanks again,
    Mary Lloyd

  4. So glad to hear Jessicas nurse made her laugh! That's always wonderful sound, her laughter:) I'm so happy to hear that the kids were able to spend time with there mom and dad, but so painful in my heart to know little Jessica cannot visit with them! Please let Chandra and Cody know we are here for them! With anything our phone 652.6003 and cell 313.0253 please we would love to help anyway we can! We send all our love, prayers and hugs! We miss you Gary,Krista,Rocky,Emily,Samuel,Noah and Sarah Love Bagley! Please give Jessica and the whole Schmitt family a kiss from us!

  5. We pray for Jessica and your family continually, and I am always anxious to read your updates to hear of her progress - thank you. Please know of our love for you all! I know Jessica will be blessed!

  6. Thank you so much for posting these updates. Jessica is a giant champion in a teeny little body. I'm so excited for her to get to eat all the yummy food their Kids Cafe offers up there! She can pretty much order whatever she wants whenever she wants it once that darn feeding tube gets to come out (and it WILL come out, happy day! :) ) Thank you for sharing with us her little wishes like that~it teaches us gratitude for such simple things from her sweet little childlike perspective. Our prayers continue for the entire Schmitt family to have the comfort and strength they will so need in the days to come.
    Much love, The Dickey Clan

  7. heart is just breaking reading this. I am so sorry you having to go through this. I wish I lived closer to help out somehow..but know you are in our prayers and we love you. I truely hope you can feel the outpouring of love for you and your family

  8. Thank you for the updates. I feel so helpless! My husband sees this cancer all the time and says it is so treatable. We pray for your family and for little Jessica to have peace and strength as she battles this trial! Love you all!

  9. Thank you so much Sara for the updates. This post made my cry (the part about Alyson missing her mom's hands in her hair). I am so sorry that this family has to face these trials. Please let them know we are right next door with helping hands whenever they need it. We are thinking about them and praying for all of them. Hope sweet Jessica gets to get out of the PICU soon and then soon after, can come home! Hugs to all of them!
    Rudi and Sally Verhoeven

  10. We may be far away but our hearts are with you and have been since this all began. Elisa has kept us informed but this blog is incredible! Thank you, Sara!
    Cody and Chan, you have so-o-o many people who love you and are praying for you! Stay strong and know that we are all right there!