Thursday, December 23, 2010

Email Update #4

New update this morning for Jessica Schmitt:

Bob just got off the phone with Cody. Cody indicated that they were at this moment doing the surgical biopsy of the tumor. As we said last night the needle biopsy wasn’t enough of a tissue sample. A correction to something a family member said, that they took the bad kidney was not correct. Cody said that the “kidney is consumed by the cancer, and that there really is no kidney left, it is all cancer”. So when the family stated it was gone they were correct in a sense. It is not a functioning, viable kidney. The cancer IS in her lungs. The way Cody stated it was that the cancer is “everywhere”. They are not going to go in and remove the tumors because it is too dangerous. They are going to start aggressive chemotherapy for the next six to eight weeks and then reassess her condition. Going in right now and removing can cause the cancer to spread or even cause her to bleed out (as Cody indicated). They are trying to stop the cancer growth.

Just remember to keep them in your prayers and remember the fast on Sunday.


  1. Hi,
    I have been lead to this blog through a friend, and wanted to send our prayer. My niece past away in October from Wilms (this sounds very familiar) I have spoken with my sister and she said to have this family contact her if they would like too. You can view her story at

    If there is anything more we can do please let us know.

    Nathlie Boer

  2. I came upon this blog and I want you to know we are praying soooo hard for your little girl. We too live in St. George. My 2 yr old son was diagnosed with leukemia in July of this year and we have been making weekly trips to Primary Childrens. They are wonderful people who work miracles every single day. There are no words that can comfort you right now. Hearing the words your child has cancer is something that I can not describe to anyone except another mom who has been through the same thing. I am sure you have so much love and support pouring out right now, but if you need someone there is a little group of about 20 cancer mom's who come to Primary Childrens for Chemo almost on a weekly basis and some who have been inpatient for months. They have become my rock. We have a facebook group that is private and we feel like it is a place we can vent to others who know exactly what we are going through. I also have a blog for my little boy. On the side bar you will see links to other little fighters. One of these fighters is Skyler. He is 4 and has been in the hospital since August when he was diagnosed with cancer. He is now on the 4th floor instead of PICU I believe, but his mom is amazing. She has lost her husband to cancer and now her only child is fighting for his life also. Her name is Crystal and she would be another cancer mom ear that would love to listen to any venting and give support. I know family is the most important thing right now, but I just wanted to let you know when you are ready we are here for you. Please email me if you need anything and my blog is
    Many prayers coming your way...
    Ashton & Dani Prince

  3. I am praying hard for your family. My heart goes out to you. Give Alyson and Annalise my love.

    Lacey Ridd

  4. Praying for this precious baby girl. I pray that God cradle her in His mighty arms and work a healing in her body!