Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Email Update #2

"I just received a call from Becky Burns and she heard through the extended Schmitt family that Jessica is in surgery and this was what they found at Primary's before going in:  The biggest tumor is in her stomach and that is what was pushing on the liver(and causing her the pain).  They have confirmed that the cancer has moved into the lower part of her lungs and possibly in the liver too.  It is a super aggressive cancer and right now they are just going to try and get rid of it.  We'll let you know more as information comes in."
Love, Vera


  1. My prayers are with this beautiful family.

  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Schmitt family!

  3. Praying praying for Jessica and
    for her family!

  4. It breaks my heart to see little children have to go through so much. Primary's is a great place to be, the Oncology Doctors are fabulous. We have three children with Cancer and live in the Salt Lake Valley and I will help with anything they need.