Wednesday, December 22, 2010

For now I will be posting emails updates that I recieve and information from Joan (Chandra's Mom)

"Bob has been making calls to the Elders in the ward to call all their home teaching families, and start praying for the Schmitt family. He is also letting the Elder's Quorum know that they will be having a fast as a Quorum on Sunday and anyone else who can participate would be great.

Here is the update. We just spoke with Chandra's family and things are pretty bad. Jessica was complaining of a side ache for a couple of days and when the pain intensified today, they took her in this morning to the doctor. She has been having tests done all day and the doctors here confirmed that she had STAGE 4 cancer. The tumor size in her liver was bigger than her heart. It is pushing into the lungs. Stage 4 means it has gone from one organ into another. Cody and Chandra are flying to Primary Children's tonight and they are going to run tests on Jessica all night. In the morning she will be having surgery to remove the tumor. Chandra's family said the doctors said they would be there at least a month. Right now the best thing we can do is pray that her little body will do good in surgery tomorrow morning.

Please keep all of the Schmitts in your prayers.

We will keep you updated. Cody is keeping in touch with Bob."


  1. She is such a sweet little girl.......It breaks my heart knowing what you guys are going through. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!