Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Email Update #3

Hey Mandi,
Here is the latest we've heard.
Hey everyone,

So I went over and talked to Chandra's dad tonight and he indicated that it is a kidney cancer. I know we have heard a lot of different things regarding the origin of the cancer. The issue is that the size of the tumor is so huge in her little body. It has been hard for them to say exactly where and what it is in. He indicated that the doctors were meeting with Cody and Chandra tonight. I have since talked to Chandra's sister and she got an update from them:

They did a needle biopsy of the tumor today but it wasn't enough sample to make any conclusions from. So they are preping her for surgery in the morning to take a surgical sample of the tumor. Chandra's dad said they already removed one of her kidneys. They also said that they are pretty sure the cancer is in her lungs as well. In the morning they will get a better picture of the type of cancer and where the cancer is exactly. It is unknown what other organs it may be affecting.

Just remember to keep them in your prayers. Remember the Schmitt children. Annalise I understand is taking this pretty hard. The kids are on their way tomorrow to Salt Lake with their grandparents to spend Christmas as a family, even if it is at the hospital.


  1. David & I are praying frequently for Cody, Chandra, Jessica and their sweet family. We went through a similar situation with our 11 month old daughter Tina 32 years ago. Faith, prayers, friends and Jesus Christ are what brought us through the ordeal. David, our daughter Tina, her family and I are praying furvently for the Schmitts. Judy Shuck