Thursday, January 6, 2011

Update 1/6

Jessica was having a little too much fun with her Aunt Lydia (Chandra's sister) last night. They had a picture session with all of Jessica's stuffed animals. Lydia spent the night with her and did a great job at keeping her entertained! As you know, Jessica has been unable to drink or eat real food in the PICU and she loves to talk about the food she will eat when she can. Jessica told Lydia a few more things she just loves..."Lydia, did you know I love orange juice, sprite and rootbeer?" After this conversation we were all thrilled when they started introducing liquids into her diet today. It won't be long before she can drink all the oj, sprite and rootbeer she can handle!

Jessica remains stable in the PICU. Her little body is still working too hard when she breaths, so she continues getting help so her body can relax and start working normal again. In the next few days the doctors hope to slowly take her off most of the breathing help she is getting. We hope and pray this happens sooner than later.

The kids in St.George are doing great and are happy to be back at school. They especially love having their Grandma Schmitt with them. They say they want her to live with them forever!

Amelia (Chandra's sister)


  1. That is Happy News! What a great smile Jessica has! Loving the pictures and so happy that she is improving! Family has a huge influence in her getting better, be aide little Sweet Jessica is loved by so many! I got an chance to meet Grandma Schmitt, what an wonderful woman! If she was my Grandma I would want her there forever too! Jessica is always in our prayers and we are sending het hugs and love! We love you Jessica! Get better soon! Love, Gary, Krista, Rocky, Emily, Samuel, Noah and Sarah Love Bagley:)

  2. What a CUTE photo session! So glad to hear that she was having some fun with all that she has had to go through. I hope she gets a chance to have a rootbeer SOON! Can't blame the kids I would want their grandma, Aunt Sheri, around too, she is a wonderful lady! Sending prayers their ways. The Davisons

  3. that is great news! Love the photo session! Still on top of my prayer list for a speedy recovery! Blessing and Love, Vicky

  4. Chandra, I hope you don't mind but I let the class know what is going on with your family. The more prayers the better. There have been alot of class members who are concerned and have been wondering what they can do. Let me know if there is any thing we can do. You are the greatest. Know your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Hi,
    My name is KayLynne. My daughter was diagnosed with Stage IV Wilms, FH in June 2006. I wanted to let you know of a Wilms list that you may be interested in, and a couple other resources that could help you as you start this journey. You have a beautiful family, and our family will continue to pray for your little Jessica. Please feel free to email me,
    KayLynne Sharp

  6. How wonderful to see Jessica smiling! I hope the Schmitt family is comforted by the knowledge that so many people are praying for their beautiful little girl and for the entire family!

  7. Just to pop in and say that I continue to pray for Jessica.

  8. Chandra - I had heard about a girl that had cancer from my friend in St. George, Cody is her home teacher. It wasn't until I was looking at this blog, that I realized it was a family that I knew as well. I pray that things will improve, and Jessica will be able to handle all of the tests, and things that she has ahead of her.

    Jamey Tobler
    (Jamey Moore)