Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Update 1/25

Jessica must have had a lot of energy she needed to release after leaving PCMC. The day she left the hospital this is the game she wanted to play. She pedaled her little heart out for quite some time.

Jessica and her cousin Kate who was so excited to finally get to see her.

Jessica has been doing great being back at home. She is eating better and getting some of her energy back. Chandra was actually quite happy when Jessica and Caleb had a little sibling fight, it made things seem a little more back to normal. :) Jessica has a home health nurse that comes to their house a few times a week to help check Jessica and make sure her vitals, etc. are what they need to be. During Chemo they have to be extra careful at checking for fevers. Anytime a fever lasts over an hour they need to get to the hospital so the doctors can find the cause. This is what happened yesterday. Jessica seemed fine, but the fever didn't go away. After talking to PCMC, the doctors in St.George admitted her to the hospital where she will be monitored for two days.


  1. I am so glad that she is doing so great being home but so sorry that she has to be back in the hospital right now. We will pray that everything is ok with the fevers!Thanks for the posts!

  2. So sorry to hear that Jessica is back in the hospital! She is and will remain in our prayers! Having her home in St George with her family is such wonderful news we pray she remains here in at St George! Love the pictures, what a cutie! We are comforted by seeing her smiling face! We love you! Love Bagley Family:)

  3. These pictures make us smile. The bike one reminds me of when we were at Primarys w/ Conner had to try to induce seizures via exhaustion. They brought in a stationary bike and he pedaled for hours--with 30 EKG wires sprouting from his head like Medusa's snakes. It was funny to see, and made us happy he was well enough to pedal. I'm sure you guys were THRILLED to see Jessica so thoroughly enjoying her pedal game and strong enough to do so! We're so happy she can be home where she can heal in a familiar place. Much love, Dickeys

  4. I am so glad they are able to be home. I hope her fever goes away ans satys away.