Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Update 1/5

Yesterday Jessica wasn't too excited to have another procedure to insert tubes in her lungs. She kept asking to do puzzles instead. Chandra promised she could do her puzzles right when the doctors were done. After the tubes were inserted and Jessica was coming out of the sedation Chandra told her they could go back to her room and do puzzles. Before they left the recovery room Chandra and the doctors were talking and Jessica piped in, "Hey Guys, did you know I'm really good at puzzles?" It is so sweet to hear about her personality shining through even the tough times. The tube insertion was successful and 1/2 a liter of fluid was immediately drained from her lungs.

She has been very happy today and even smiled for a few pictures. With all the tubes and machines you will have to look closely for her beautiful smile. She was practicing her breathing with a pinwheel and showing off her newly painted fingernails.

Amelia (Chandra's Sister)


  1. Jess,
    You look beautiful! We love the pretty pink sparkly nails. It is so good to see you and your beautiful mom! We continue to cheer you on!!

    Love you,

    The Chadburn's :)

  2. So glad to hear that everything went as planned with the insertion of the tubes. And it was fun to see sweet Jessica smiling in these pictures. The girls want to check on Jessica's progress each night before bed, so thanks again for the updates. We are still praying for Jessica and her family daily. You guys are truly amazing! :0)

    Dorman Family

  3. Way to go, Jessica! We are cheering for you, and we can cheer SUPER DUPER LOUD! We love you! We think you look TERRIFIC, and we especially LOVE your darling smile! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!

  4. I don't know if you even know who I am, but we were in the same Stake, and our kids were at Sandstone, and we always would smile and say "hi" when we saw eachother. Anyway, I saw this on Mandi Gubler's blog and immediately recognized you (Chandra) and was instantly devastated to hear of this news. I also have a four year old right now and I can't imagine going through this. We will keep you in our prayers and hope you will be strengthened and sustained during this hard time. May God bless your family, and especially your sweet little Jessica at this time.

  5. Jessica we love you and your beautiful personality!!! We miss you! Love The Bagley Family

  6. Oh yay! I hope the nail polish was from the kit I brought her! Even if it wasn't, I'm going to pretend it was because it will make me feel good, LOL.

    My sister is in Chandra's mom's ward in St. George and I'm in Salt Lake, so you don't know who I am, but my sister told me about sweet Jessica and her awesome family and I would love to do anything I can to help you guys. I met Chandra briefly yesterday and she is amazingly kind and pulled-together. What a blessing for Jessica to have such a great family to get her through this. We are praying for her!

  7. Really love the nails Jessica! It was the perfect color for you. Brother Shuck has a CPAP that he wears at night. You look way cuter though! :-) We were so happy to see you and your Mom. Our prayers continue and we send our love. The Shucks...David & Judy

  8. I friend of mine sent me the link to this blog. I went to high school with Sara and live in the Salt Lake Area and work downtown. If you guys need ANYTHING please call me 801-205-1561, I am happy to even run errands for you. Thinking of you and wishing you the best. Jennifer Bassett-Hales

  9. Sweet Chandra,
    I just have to tell you how beautiful you look in the pictures. You look peaceful, cheerful and ready to take on whatever you need to. You and Cody are an inspiration and we love you for it! You have always seemed like another daughter to me and I hope your mom won't mind sharing you with me!
    You are beautiful and your sparkly nails are so cool! Have a happy day. You are so brave and nice to the doctors. Keep them smiling!
    We love you all!

  10. Thanks for the pictures! What a sweet little girl! Glad she is still as happy as ever. What a trooper!

  11. I just wanted you to know, Chandra, that we have been thinking of you. Our family has been praying for your family. You have always been one of my favorite people and I will always look up to you. You truly are amazing.

    The Bushar's

  12. It is so hard seeing such little kids in these big breathing masks! My nephew was on the bi-pap for a long time. But I remember watching him strengthen his lungs with the pin wheel and bubbles, bubbles were his favorite! The practice really made a difference too. Keep up the good work Jessica!