Friday, July 15, 2011

Home and doing much better!

Jessica was discharged from the hospital this past Wednesday afternoon. It was a much longer stay than usual and certainly longer than hoped for, but we think we have things under control. Thank goodness for all of the amazing people on the Peds floor at DRMC. They always make our stay as comfortable as possible. We feel very at home when we are at the hospital believe it or not! Jessica's blood cultures did come back positive, both from her central line and her arm. Always one of the things we worry about, but we feel that we caught it early. Jessica is on 2 antibiotics, Fortaz and Vancomycin. The Fortaz will stop once her ANC is .7 or
700. She was .5 yesterday. They will draw her blood again tomorrow and hopefully we can stop the Fortaz. Her Platelets have really taken a hit with this infection. She had to be given 4 units of platelets in less than a week. Her platelets were 10 last Thursday so they gave her a transfusion then. By Sunday they were at 8 so they gave her 2 units (which we have never had 2 at a time before). Monday they were at 80 and by Tuesday they were 40 and on Wednesday they were 15 so they gave her another unit then. She also had another blood transfusion on Wednesday before we left. It has taken a toll on her little body. Antibiotics certainly work for her, but they can sure mix up the system. She feels really good and then suddenly her stomach will hurt. Not only does she have the infection, but I think we are seeing even more of the cumulative effect of chemo. We are so close to the end of treatments, but there is a part of me that just wants treatments to stop now. She truly has done so well, its just hard to see her hit the bottom. So many children struggle with many more complications than Jessica has had, but I just want the treatment to be exactly what she needs, no more, no less. And we will probably never know what that is exactly. Medicine is hard. In many ways more of an art than a science. Very difficult to make the best decision always. I know the answers are there, we just need to be really be prayerful and seek for them in the right places! Her counts are showing signs of return now, but they still may postpone chemo for another week. It might be really nice to have the week to regroup and definitely important for Jessica's little body to make a full recovery!!! Primary Children's will decide on Monday.


  1. So happy to hear little Jessica is at home and doing better. Your always in our prayers.

  2. This past year has really been a roller coaster for your little family. I am so glad that Jessica is such a strong little girl. My heart aches for you and my prayers are with you constantly. Keep your faith you are doing a wonderful job!!

  3. Love you, Chandra, Cody, Annalise, Alyson, Jessica, Caleb & Jacob! Love you TONS! You are all miracles, every single one of you! What an honor to be your friends. May God continue to bless sweet Jessica and your entire family. Love, The Lloyd Family