Saturday, July 9, 2011

High fever and no immune system

Jessica and I came early this morning to the hospital. She had low grade fevers off and on through the day yesterday and last night hovered around 101. After talking with Primary Childrens and our Doctor here, we decided to bring her in. Her fever has reached 104, which is very unlike past visits for fever with no immune system. We have given her Tylenol, but that only brings it down for a short period and she still stays around 100.7 then climbs back up. She doesn't feel like eating, but she is resting good, most of the time. I was questioning coming in because every other visit like this has led to the fever quickly subsiding and cultures always coming back negative. We had one positive last visit, but at that point she had her normal immune system back. As always, Jessica is such a good sport. I am glad we came in. It is always scary when children get fevers. It is the normal response of the body, but it always causes stress and worry, especially with no immune system. Cody brought Jessica in this past Thursday evening for a transfusion of platelets. That went just fine. We knew then that her red blood cells or hematocrit was low at 24, but the CBC blood test early this morning showed her hematocrit at 20. They gave her a transfusion this morning. We needed to come in anyway, but wish she didn't have the fever. We will be here for at least 48 hours. This has definitely become routine, but always a worry. We are so close to the finish line and we just hope and pray for no serious complications. Jessica's little body is so strong, just hoping that she will feel better very soon!!

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  1. Praying everything is better now and little Jessica is enjoying her summer. Love the Bagley Family