Friday, July 29, 2011

Delays, but doing well

Jessica is scheduled to have chemo next Tuesday, August 2nd. We will meet with the doctor at 12:30 and then she is scheduled to be admitted after that for an overnight stay where she will receive cytoxin and Doxyrubicin. We are looking at the statistics over the past 5 years of children who were on similar drugs to Jessica. That is about as far as the track record goes, which is why we have even more questions. It isn't a protocol that has years of experience. Two years ago there were changes to the protocol and they are looking more closely at the drugs again. We have decided to omit carboplatin, which is part of the 4 night stay 3 weeks following next weeks treatment. Jessica has had a lot of complications after the last treatment. Besides the infection and so many tranfusions of platelets, her blood pressure is high. We are treating that with meds, but it is always higher than it used to be. We certainly had blood pressure issues at the first until the other kidney/tumor came out in March. But since surgery, up to this point, her BP has been fine. We just need to make sure that her kidney is okay. We have had 2 weeks delay because of her infection and platetlets. Yesterday, they were still only 91, which isn't normal yet, but above 75, so she can have chemo. I have never seen her platelets get hit as hard as they did this time. They have been super slow to return on their own. She had a total of 6 units of platelets in about 8 days. She also dropped to an all time low of 2 before her last transfusion.
Jessica is now able to take meds through her mouth again, her choice, so no feeding tube is necessary. She feels good and looks great, even though her blood pressure is a little high. A fun little announcement is that Jessica's wish from Make-a-wish, which was a playhouse, should be here on August 4th. She is very excited!! As we all are. When Jessica wished for a playhouse, I don't think the playhouse that she got to choose had even crossed her little mind, but it will be something special for our entire family in honor of Jessica and her strength through her cancer journey. Make-a-Wish and our volunteer Jackie have been so great with Jessica and all of the kids. G-Force construction laid the cement foundation in the backyard, and they were also great with the kids and did a wonderful job. It has all been a great experience, something we will all never forget. Lots of fun memories will be made in the playhouse. A great big thank you to so many who make foundations like Make-a-Wish possible!!
I can't believe that school starts on August 15th for our 3 girls. It is hard to see Jessica already 5 and ready for kindergarten, but I can't help but be happy for her because she is so excited to be at school with her big sisters. Caleb will be a little lost without Jessica, but at least he has Jacob :)


  1. Thinking about you and praying for your family. Hope you were able to learn a lot at yesterday's meeting, and hope to talk to you later on today. Love you, Schmitt Family! P.S. Can't wait to see the playhouse, and I certainly agree that it will be a reminder of Jessica's incredible strength. What a beautiful family you have!

  2. I continue to pray for healing for Jessica. I have a little girl who starts kindergarten this year too and one that will go next year. We have our own health concerns sending her off but nothing like yours. My heart goes out to you and your family. May God just pour out his blessings on all of you!

  3. It was so fun to be able to play with you guys last week!! I keep checking your blog for pictures of Jessica's amazing playhouse. Jackson can't wait to see it either! We hope all is going well with your family!

  4. We were blessed to be able to hear your hubby speak in our ward today. Again, I was reminded at the beautiful inner strength your family has. The power of the priesthood and faith in our Heavenly Father is so good. so so good. We continue to think about and pray for your family. I hope Jessica is doing well. We love you guys.

    Mogle Family