Thursday, May 12, 2011

One more change

Last Friday we received a call from our Dr. at Primary Children's. After a meeting with all of the doctors that have been working with Jessica, the general consensus was that Jessica should still stay on the higher protocol of chemotherapy. More information came back on the warnings that had come back on this protocol from the clinical trial and it was found that out of the 3 deaths (total children- 36), 2 were unrelated to the drug treatment. With as much success as Jessica has had on this treatment, they all felt that she should continue on with this protocol. If she came in today with the same diagnosis it is true that they would not start her on this protocol, but we believe that it is a blessing that Jessica was able to receive this treatment and continue it because her tumor may have never been able to be removed as successfully as it was. Our Doctor is always so great to have us think about it and make sure that we agree. Cody and I agree with the doctors, even though it will be hard to see her blood counts drop so dramatically. We are just very grateful for good doctors who are constantly thinking about Jessica and very concerned about what is best for her. As long as Jessica makes blood counts this next Monday, we will head up Monday night or Tuesday morning for an overnight stay for chemotherapy. Jessica is still doing great! Her ANC (Immune system cells) came up even though she received the lesser chemo on May 3rd. We continue to count our many blessings!


  1. Thinking of your family constantly and keeping you in my prayers.

  2. Good luck with everything. You are always in our prayers. It is a blessing to me to know you and see the strength of your sweet family. Praying for a quick and easy stay and that you can go home soon and have a little normalcy.